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happy new year everyone! 

And a very happy Doctor Who Day as well!


Oh, mate. I’m the Doctor. Ring any bells? ✨



MCM Birmingham 16-17 November 2019

I dressed as the Thirteenth Doctor! There was a big Doctor Who meetup in which I joined a group called WhoKnows – Doctor Who Cosplay

Credit for my photo goes to bydeebee on instagram!

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💙Time And Relative In Space💙

My debut of my TARDIS cosplay turned out so good and this photo is incredible ahhhh

We’re not crying… You’re crying!

Hey! I want to start watching doctor who, but I have no idea where to start. There are thousands of episdoes and seasons, and I've heard you don't actually need to watch all the seasons to get the story. Anyway, I want to know, is it necessary to watch all the old seasons or can I start further ahead? I've heard people talk about 9 and 10, but in what season is that? I've been trying to understand, but it's honestly confusing. I hope you can help me out! Thanks!

Hi Catarina! We’re thrilled that you’ve decided to give our brilliant show a go. 

The good news is that we’ve got a whole tag dedicated to answering that very question. The other good news? There’s a whole community of Whovians out there who can help you out! 

So Whovians, where do you think Catarina should start their Doctor Who journey? 


Doctor Who Chinese version!


Sometimes a girl’s just got to spend some quality time with her dog


Was wanting a teapot to go with my timelord cup. So I soniced this… Lol 20p bric-a-brac tea pot and now I have an endless supply of tea… Timelord technology my teapot is bigger on the inside. 😂😎