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Doctor Who Series 3 Steelbook to be Released i…

Doctor Who Series 3 Steelbook to be Released in March:

Relive the Tenth Doctor and Martha Jones’ adventures on Blu-ray with the Doctor Who Series 3 steelbook! 



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ohmargaery: 20+ The master/Missy Icons (+doodles) [requested…


20+ The master/Missy Icons (+doodles) [requested by anon]

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Last week at the Doctor Who panel at SDCC, a Whovian named…

Last week at the Doctor Who panel at SDCC, a Whovian named Sylvia took the mic and pitched the Missy spin-off she’d written to Michelle and the rest of the Doctor Who team (at around the 2:38 mark). Today, we found an email in our inbox from Sylvia containing the plot summaries for her proposed series!

We thought these ideas were so good that we just HAD to share them with all of you. If you like them as much as we do, go give Sylvia a shoutout on Twitter!

Episode 1: The Angel Invasion– Charles Washington’s life takes a very unexpected turn as a red telephone box falls out of the sky and crashes in his garden. Shortly after, he meets a mad Mary Poppins, or as she likes to be called…Missy. With weird alien energies in the town park and people going missing every week, it seems the town Charles lives in has some secrets of its own. Can the two work out how the people went missing and bring them back with some help on the way? And more importantly, just who is this Missy anyway?

“You can come with me if you like. You can meet aliens and see wonders that you never thought you’d ever see because you don’t want to believe in them. Or you could stay here with your dusty old school books and I’ll go on my own. Either way is fine by me.”

Episode 2: Time Trap– A mysterious time fissure opens at the edge of the park in Shadowstream, and Missy is first in line to investigate. Or at least, that’s what she thinks. With Charles missing in action, Missy must work with Aria to find out where in history Charles ended up, and more importantly, how to get him back. As the past and present collide, truths about Missy and Chronic are finally revealed, but none of them are safe. Because history is a dangerous place, and sometimes it can hold unbearable temptations.

“And that’s the time trap. The butterfly effect. Step on a butterfly, you change the future of the human race. Step on an anthill, and you cause an avalanche.”

Episode 3: The Haunted and The Haunter– The plot thickens as Bryan Saxon reveals his captured creature: the Haunter, a distant relative of the Teller, who can flatten people’s brains into soup after using their worst nightmares against them. People have been disappearing from a restaurant on the other end of town, revealing their deepest secrets before they are murdered. What is the connection? Can Missy and the kids work it out before they become the main course?

“So…those people who were murdered…right here in this restaurant…that’s going to happen to us now, isn’t it?” “Yes, exactly! Oh. We really are in trouble, aren’t we?”

These are only the first three episodes out of a potential nine, but maybe if you ask Sylvia nicely, she’ll share with you the rest!