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13 years ago, the Doctor met Dr. Martha Jones for the first time in ‘Smith and Jones’! 

It’s been 13 YEARS since the Tenth Doctor met Martha Jones for the first time! Happy Whoniversary, Freema Agyeman! 🧡✨


Spending my quarantine time watching some doctor who and trying to learn animation. (And they made it to the Elvis concert btw 🕺)


It’s almost time… Doctor Who fans around the world are rewatching The Day of the Doctor at 7pm GMT.

Spread the word and post-along using the hashtag #SaveTheDay. Let’s relive the 50th Anniversary!

Today’s the day! Let’s spread some happiness! At 7pm GMT, Doctor Who fans worldwide are rewatching The Day of the Doctor!

Share the news and post-along using #SaveTheDay. Let’s all relive the 50th Anniversary once again!

Steven Moffat will be joining us too > @StevenM16838738.


You’d think The Doctor would know to avoid holiday destinations by now…

In that case, allons-y! 

She spoke first.