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It’s an emergency transmission from The Doctor…

Russell T Davies has just released ‘Doctor Who and the Time War’, his previously unpublished prequel to New Who’s first episode ‘Rose’.

Read it on the BBC website at

On this day in 2005, Doctor Who made a big return to our screens with the wonderful Christopher Eccleston and Billie Piper!

So, Happy 15th Anniversary to the greatest show in all of time and space!

Team TARDIS embarked on their latest mission, forcing them to face their darkest fears!

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

From Syria to Sheffield and into the wilds of space, something is infecting people’s nightmares!

Don’t miss ‘Can You Hear Me?’ on BBC One this Sunday!

A missing astronaut, strange birds and a naval officer washed up on a beach…

What did everyone think of Praxeus?

Here’s a closer look at the absolutely beautiful TARDIS console room from Sunday’s episode!


TARDIS With wreath light-up #Christmas Ornament!  
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Welcome to the TARDIS.