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It’s Space Week on @bbcamerica so we’re spending the next seven days celebrating the most spacey-wacey moments of Doctor Who, starting with the time the Doctor, Bill, and Nardole paid a visit to @nasa HQ!



Thank you.


Thank you.

Did you expect to see Matt Lucas return as Nardole in the Doctor Who Christmas special? 


Nardole too!!!!


“Traveling to the past, there’s got to be rules. If I step on a butterfly, it could send ripples through time that mean I’m not even born yet in the first place, and I could just disappear.”


I am the only person you have ever met, or ever will meet, who is officially licensed to kick the Doctor’s arse. I will happily do the same to you, in the event that you do not align yourself with any instructions I have issued, which I personally judge to be in the best interests of your safety and survival.


Listen. One of us has to stay down here and blow up a lot of silly tin men, and one of has to go up there and look after a lot of very scared people, day after day, for the rest of their lives, and keep them safe. Now the question is this, Nardole: which one of us is stronger?