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It’s Matt Smith’s first adventure! Get ready for the global simulcast of The Eleventh Hour on Friday, 3rd April.

Steven Moffat will be live-tweeting and you can join in using the hashtag #FishCustard on Twitter.

TONIGHT it’s the global rewatch of Vincent and the Doctor!

LIVE TWEETS from Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Tony Curran, Bill Nighy, writer Richard Curtis script editor Emma Freud. Join in using the hashtag #THEULTIMATEGINGER on Twitter.

Simply find the episode (BBC iPlayer, Netflix, DVDs) and press play at 7pm BST.

The hippos are back!

It’s an introduction for tonight’s worldwide rewatch of ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ from Duncan Newmarch, continuity announcer for BBC One!

Join the worldwide simulcast of ‘Vincent and the Doctor’, with live-tweets from Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Tony Curran, Bill Nighy, Richard Curtis and Emma Freud.

Simply press play at 7pm (UK time) tomorrow and use the hashtag #THEULTIMATEGINGER to tweet-along!

Join fans for another global Doctor Who rewatch… this time it’s VINCENT AND THE DOCTOR! 🎨

On Monday 30th March, Vincent van Gogh’s birthday, writer Richard Curtis and script editor Emma Freud will live-tweet the event, which has been organised by Emily Cook.

The hashtag to use is #THEULTIMATEGINGER


You’d think The Doctor would know to avoid holiday destinations by now…




The universe is big. It’s vast and complicated, and ridiculous and sometimes, very rarely, impossible things just happen and we call them miracles.