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You’d think The Doctor would know to avoid holiday destinations by now…

A year ago today, the Doctor and Bill escaped the Emojibots by doing one thing, Smile! 👉🙂🤖

One year ago today, the Doctor showed Bill the TARDIS for the first time in ‘The Pilot’.

Happy Birthday to the cosmic Peter Capaldi AKA The Twelfth Doctor! 


Steven Moffat and director Rachel Talalay give us a behind the scenes insight into the filming of Peter Capaldi’s regeneration scene.

Overnight Viewing Figures for ‘Twice Upon a Time’:

Here’s how many people tuned into BBC One for Peter Capaldi’s final story on Christmas Day. 


So it’s goodbye Twelve, and hello Thirteen! 

What did you all think of ‘Twice Upon a Time’, and how are you feeling after the big regeneration?

The Twelfth Doctor becomes the Thirteenth Doctor in these final moments of the Doctor Who Christmas Special, Twice Upon a Time.