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Here’s the page I did for the Free Comic Book Day book from Titan, featuring the 13th Doctor’s first comic appearance. Drawn and coloured by me, written by the fabulous Jody Houser. 

raeeel: happy birthday jodie


happy birthday jodie

bbcamerica: ANNOUNCING: Doctor Who is heading …


ANNOUNCING: Doctor Who is heading to SDCC!

Join panel moderator Chris Hardwick for the new cast’s first ever San Diego Comic-Con appearance ahead of the new season, premiering this Fall on @bbcamerica! For details, click here

julielilac: 💎 OH, b r i l l i a n t ! 💎 …



OH, b r i l l i a n t ! 💎

Jodie Whittaker will be making her first app…

Jodie Whittaker will be making her first appearance as the Doctor later this year on @bbcamerica. Send us your message to help #WelcomeJodie

For details, go to   



me: *happens to stand between multiple light sources and casts two shadows because that’s how shadows work*

my brain, still to this day, every single time:



It feels, every second of the episode, like Doctor Who. It feels like it was made by people who knew what Doctor Who was. It’s impossible. The fact that a Police Box would look out of place everywhere in the universe within six years, that the theme and TARDIS console would be iconic, that Britain would go to decimal currency, none of this could have been there in 1963. But watching it, that knowledge does not feel like a secret history, but like a real history, there and unfolding in front of us. And when we stare into it, it is impossibly big.

It is 5:40 p.m. on November the 23rd 1963. American President John F Kennedy has been dead for less than twenty four hours. And everything in the world has changed. Forever.

[extract from Tardis Eruditorum Vol. 1 by Elizabeth Sandifer]



lokiilaufeyson: ❝I’m not sure if any of that…


I’m not sure if any of that matters. Friends. Enemies. So long as there is mercy. Always mercy.

Twelfth Doctor Aesthetic for @twissyy

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im the robot

classic who is incredible

Doctor Who: Planet of Fire (1984)