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Delia at the Workshop in 1965 


Almost exactly three years before Doctor Who premiered she joined the BBC as a Trainee Assistant Studio Manager. 1962 she transferred to the BBC Radiophonic Workshop in Maida Vale and the following year she completed her most famous work, the realisation of the Doctor Who theme tune. It sounded completely different to anything that had gone before and proved a perfect way to usher in this strange new show with its enigmatic hero and monstrous, terrifying villains.

An oft-repeated anecdote runs that Derbyshire played the finished piece of music to [composer] Ron Grainer who was so astonished by the sound that he is said to have asked, ‘Did I really write this?’ Derbyshire nodded. ‘Most of it,’ she replied.

– BBC Two Profile on Delia Derbyshire

(May 5th is Delia Derbyshire Day)