Livetumblring todays’s U.S. BBC America Premie…

Livetumblring todays’s U.S. BBC America Premiere of the Doctor Who Christmas Special: Twice Upon A Time

Hello, Whovians! It’s Christmas night and you all know what that means. It’s time for the yearly annual tradition of the Christmas special! We will be liveblogging Twice Upon A Time, posting gifs and fanart and reactions as they happen on screen starting at 9/8c, one hour from now. Because we’re doing it in real time, there’s no way for us to avoid posting spoilers.

If you need to avoid spoilers, we recommend installing Xkit. We will be tagging all of our posts with #DW Spoilers as well as #Twice Upon A Time.


Also, a reminder that tonight’s episode is extra long and there will be a ‘Farewell to Peter Capaldi’ special immediately after so be sure to set your recording devices properly!

We’ll see you all in ONE HOUR for tonight’s liveblog!